Window of Kaizhou

Relying on the site's own natural landscape characteristics, the design concept of "Window of Kaizhou" is proposed. Here, the "window of Kaizhou" is the channel of internal and external connections and the focus of vision. It not only connects mountains and rivers, communicates the world and makes people feel the beauty of nature; at the same time, it is also a window to show the Kaizhou natural landscape, human history and future development to the outside world, and it is also the most vivid stage to show Kaizhou New City. On this stage, adding people ’s activities and adding Kaizhou ’s cultural mark can not only see the natural beauty, but also the human history, as well as people walking, walking, and ascending. People, architecture and nature merge into one, forming a picture of a man in the middle of the painting, and become the new cultural landscape of Kaizhou New City.

The main building of this design is in a state of withdrawing from floor to floor, and the outdoor steps are used to connect each floor, and a clear and powerful line is drawn on the front elevation. The flying bridge jumped from the lotus pond, leading to the top of the mountain, connecting the mountains and rivers, and communicating the world. The main building is also on the path between the mountains and the water, forming a window hole according to the mass displacement relationship, combined with the reflection of the surrounding environment and activities of the stainless steel plate at the top of the window hole, creating a vivid city window scene to convey ecological camp to people The development concept of the city.

When night falls, the wall-washing lights set along the outdoor steps illuminate the buildings layer by layer, and outline the layered night image of the building. At the same time, the lighting of the interior lighting of the building is projected outdoors through the glass curtain wall on the side of the middle window hole, illuminating the

Public space guides people to gather and activities here, creating an open and cohesive public space attribute of the "Window of Kaizhou".

The New City Planning Exhibition Hall as an urban public space has excellent openness and accessibility. Citizens can slowly walk into the forest from the lotus pond along the fly bridge, at the top of the mountain, or look back at the lotus pond through the window view, or stop to look at the people's canal by the fence, which are different views. At the same time, the outdoor steps of the main body of the building also serve as a public space for citizens to visit, guiding people to step up and climb to the top.