Coutyard No.36 in Caochangsitiao

(The second episode of the eighth season of the original real-life documentary show "Warm New Home")

The owner of the project is a famous "artist" in Hutong. In order to satisfy his hobbies of pigeon feeding and old object collection, he spared no expense on his living space, even invaded the original street position and placed his old objects and pigeon house. The original self-built building is not only full of danger, but also destroys the cultural atmosphere of the street. At the same time, the owner also raised the demand for ultra-difficult entrustment: on the one hand, it is necessary to retain the "old objects" at home, so that the memory of the old Beijing in the home can be preserved; , Convenient for couples to live and live.

Faced with these two major challenges, architect determined that the renovation concept was "to make the old from the old" through field visits to the home-perfecting the living conditions and leaving space for the owner's hobbies to the maximum extent. First, he divided the main room space into two, with the upper floor as the bedroom and the lower floor as the living room, to maximize the function of living activities. At the same time, the architect also specially dismissed the owners' "old objects", turned the "antiques" in the home into treasures, and used them as ornaments and decorations in the living room, so that the old objects could also be merged into a part of the new home. In addition, due to the unreasonable use of the original house space, the architect specially strengthened the space of the second floor loft to create a private bedroom for the second old, while also expanding the original living area. What is more heart-warming is that a step ladder is added on the first floor to facilitate the elderly to go up and down the second floor of the bedroom. The lockers hidden in the staircase also double the storage space. In the home experience, the narrow kitchen that the architect remembered was also transformed in this renovation. The storage space and aisle space were integrated into the interior, which tripled the kitchen space. The old messy old alley house instantly became a fully functional "collection art gallery" for families.