Administrative Office Area of Beijing Sub-center

Beijing Sub-center Library

Modern libraries do not only serve as collection of books and reading, will also become the public spaces with the most urban quality. People gather here and eager to communicate, and by which they could receive inspirations and opportunities. The library should be amiable and liberal, which provides a variety of separated usable spaces and an interlinked entirety.

The design applies stacking volume to create an architectural image for the library. Each function is entirely consistent with architectural spaces. The layout of different functions is unfolded according to time from the ancient to the modern for the future, which forms a continuous discovered building full of novelties and possibilities. Readers can use and share the varieties of functions freely. The library uses integrative designing method of collection and reading. There are a amount of spaces without columns in order to reorganize functions flexibly and fit in with the change and development of the functions and layouts.

Meanwhile, a square at the center of the building provides a grand interior reading area. When readers approach the architectural hall, 10000m2 of reading square catches their sight, and the way of sunken design brings the readers a comfortable and tranquil reading environment, and also avoid blocking the readers’ view by book shelves as to enjoy the urban landscape. Roof gardens at different height create multi-layered landscape, and therefore join together with surrounding forest park.

There are 3 elevators for passengers at the south of the lobby, and 2 elevators for staff and freight at the north. Readers also can go to the top level from the ground level by an escalator. Spaces ascending in sequence forms a circular circulation, and highlights the integration of different functions, which kindles readers’ interests in reading and makes the library become the cultural and spiritual gathering spaces.