Tianshui Theater

Tianshui Theater

Tianshui Theatre is a large-scale thematic situational show place. On the one hand, it enhances the level of cultural life for local people. On the other hand, it fits in with the needs of the development of cultural tourism industry.

Tianshui has distinctive features. A close view of it are gullies where tiny streams flow through gravels; the middle view is the terrace of different heights and tall trees scatter around farmhouses with whitewashed walls or mud walls; the distant view is the rolling mountains reflecting a gray blue shape in the sky light. Residences in Tianshui share the typical form and structure of quadrangle houses in the northern China, which has thick and enclosed exterior walls with few windows; the walls are commonly made of loess or lime.

Tianshui Theatre is designed with high and low continuous roofs and walls to form a multi-level building skyline. The curved main roof of the auditorium and the slopped roof of the surrounding entrance vestibule and supporting facilities compose a clear spatial relationship with a distinction between the primary and the secondary, and echo each other. In this way the huge scale is dispelled. In the meantime, the design expresses the respect for culture, as well as the cultural inheritance. Local materials are carefully selected, the quality and texture of which shall give the building a decorous and rich appearance. Because the building is high in the northwest and low in the southeast, it is designed to form a stereoscopic landscape in the means of platforms with different heights, which echoes the ups and downs of the building, and blends together.

Tianshui Theatre is the main show place with an accommodation of 1200 people, and is
equipped with supporting cultural service facilities in the vicinity. It is designed into an integrity of different levels by unifying the large space of the show place and the roof of the surrounding supporting spaces. The combination of the large space of the theatre with the low sloped roofs creates a rich space effect.

A space consisting of vestibule, prologue and auditorium shall make the interactive performance of multi-act play possible. The audience can watch the performance while walking. In the main auditorium, the performance venue penetrates into the audience through the projecting stage, as well as the interactive area of the stage floor, interactive area at the first level and the interactive area at the second level.