Architectural Installation | City Cube-Square Culture Catalyst


The architectural installation "City Cube - Square Culture Catalyst" by architect Zhu Xiaodi will be on display from July 2023 to November 2023 at the “2023 Chengdu Biennale”.

The concept of the City Cube architectural installation was proposed by architect ZHU Xiaodi, and lends itself to a system of modular assemblages to suit the different scales and content needs of the plaza through the study of ZXD Architects. Unlike the conventional practice of reinforcing one's own image and volume, this installation speaks to the square in an extremely invisible way with the help of a permeable glass wall. The latest invisible LED screens are attached to the glass surface to show rich expressions and contents. Inside the installation, a complex and multifaceted space is constructed in which the public can freely roam and explore every corner. The different spaces in it can provide functions such as mini-museum, art gallery, exhibition hall, theater, cafe, etc., where people meet and gain new and unexpected surprises.

In the "2023 Chengdu Biennale", by considering the exhibition space condition, a module of the "City Cube" was extracted and a 1:1 experience space was created. The conceptual model of the "City Cube" was suspended in this space, becoming the first art work in the architectural installation. Visitors move through the virtual and real space composed of photoelectric glass and walls, interacting with each other and with the installation, superimposed on each other and becoming a living part of the exhibition.