China Petroleum Headquarter Building

The design scheme of China Petroleum Plaza has given a positive response to the challenge of site restriction. The building lines up in “L” shape from south to north, which rightly defines four south-north office buildings and fully utilizes the available space of the construction site. The north and the south ends of the building group extend to the east and west directions respectively, forming two L-shaped structures and relatively enclosed spaces. The middle section is connected to the upper floors and works as the entrance to the grand hall. The dispersed layout furthest satisfies the south-north direction of building body and ensures natural lighting and ventilation, thus resulting in a distinguishing well-arranged architectural complex.

The entire building lines up along East 2nd Ring Road and forms a city interface of 250m long. The large space created by the four office buildings marks the dramatic change of modern urban construction in dimension, which suggests the existence of city space and arouses the public’s attention to architecture, thus closely connecting city and architecture in space.

After determining plane layout of four office buildings, annex buildings are designed as continuous space running through south and north. They connect the main passageways of plaza organically and create continuous and grand shared space at the same time of satisfying the functions. Inside the plaza, the hall, about 40m in width and length while 53m in height, adopts stretch-draw double-cable glass curtain wall to bring outdoor landscape inside.

Building elevation selects stone materials and the holistic style is in prudent generosity. Façade texture adopts the design method of vertical moulding, which gives an overwhelming visual effect and highlights the vigorous enterprise spirit and development prospect of CNPC. The building curtain wall adopts stone vertical moulding to space glass curtain wall, which farthest increases the transparency of office space and effectively controls the amount of light reflected at the same time of ensuring the overall stone feeling of plaza.

The area of the plane column grid is 8.1m x 8.1m / 5.4m, with 1.35m as its basic unit. The design of the buildings was brought into modulus system, so the buildings follow strictly unified logics and order from outside to inside and from entity to space. It reveals a rigorous architectural style that indicates structure logic and space order.

The plaza adopts the structure of SRC. Comparing with RC structure, SRC can decrease the dead weight and section size, speed up construction progress, reduce the construction cost and improve fireproof performance. Due to the reduction of the section size of beams and columns, the building’s service efficiency gets improved, and the height of suspended ceiling is increased. Thus, the office environment is improved.

Clear design concept and method receive full support from the construction unit and integrate various technical approaches for engineering design of the plaza, thus creating conditions for improving completeness. During design, from city space to individual building, from functional requirement to plane layout, from indoor environment to outdoor landscape, from detail nodes to space scale, from module control to logical relation, from material technology to technical system, from configuration to system integration, and from construction measures to cost balance, all crafts of various specialties try to achieve rational expression and overall coordination and implement the concept of overall design into design process.

Ecological design takes the influence of ecological environment factors of large city into full consideration and minimizes the adverse effects between surrounding environment and buildings of the project. China National Petroleum Corporation is a large-scale enterprise focusing on producing energy, so the construction of the plaza must fully embody the consciousness of energy conservation, adopt advanced new technology, new materials and smart approaches as much as possible, reduce energy consumption, improve energy utilization ratio and save the construction and operation cost of the owner, thus constructing China Petroleum Plaza into an environmental-friendly and energy-saving office building with world-class level.

Throughout the design process, we worked to maintain the concepts of being green, being healthy, and environmental-friendliness. We gave much consideration to the needs of future tenants and worked hard to provide a comprehensive, personalized and convenient service. The engineering guarantees an office environment of high comfort level inside the buildings and keeps tight control of internal air quality, as well as the indoor noise level, thermal environment and so on, with fresh and clean air maintained. This creates a comfortable, safe, convenient, pleasant and distinctive site space as well as sustainable human environment.

As the office place for the headquarters of China National Petroleum Corporation, the built-in functions of smart design must match with the enterprise’s image of facing the country and the world. Smart system is the “brain” of the whole building and a symbol of the modernization and advancement of architectural technology present in the building. Therefore, China Petroleum Plaza must reach the world-advanced level of smart building on high intelligence and integrated standards, so as to provide tenant with a safe, efficient and convenient office space.